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Crisis looms as DSA takes Letshego to Court


Letshego Finacial Services Botswana will battle it out at court the next Monday against one Keabetswe Gwafa who is suing the company an ampunt of P1088000. The court case which is inspired by a number of alleged irregularities will be heard by Justice Segopolo at Broadhurst Magistrate Court.

In an interview with Botswana Guardian,Keabetswe Gwafa who operated as a direct sales agent with Letshego , it was gathered that he has since been terminated from working with financial company. Gwafa alleged that he did not receive any forewarning but was rather granted a dismissal letter after he managed to garner Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board (BAMB) into doing business with Letshego.

“I have suffered on more than a single count, at one point I was to be paid P100 000 but got really suspicious when the money had to be paid by the Direct Sales Agents Manager’s wife whom by the time had met on numerous occassions,” told Gwafa.

Gwafa adds that he has tried to engage management as he feared losing business because things were not going according to book. He says the DSA manager Kabelo Sethomo then approached him seeking that they partner by opening their own financial services platform which he says he turned down. Gwafa says he then notified his team leader about it who was also surprised by the offer.

“On the 20th November 2018, BAMB approved my proposal with them and wanted to be engaged with scheme loans,I officially handed the letter to Sethomo,on the 26th November 2018 my team leader informed that I should stop submitting business with Letshego as my contract with them had ended. I handed all their properties as required,” said Gwafa.

Gwafa admits that he has never been summoned by Letshego for misconducts or poor performance,and believes that he should have been entitled to a hearing or warning. A copy of the contract between Letshego and Direct Sales Agents suggest that DSA’s are to be summoned for hearing by a 24hr Notice.

“The termination came as a way of denying me an opportunity to make high sales as BAMB would have generated me more sales. To prove that after my termination, Fergus Ferguson (Letshego CEO) called me to his office and offered me a payment of P75 000. I never rejected the offer but never received the said but rather received a letter from Ferguson detailing me that his team has been engaging with BAMB,” he said.

Ferguson in an interview yesterday told Botswana Guardian that there is no physical structure for DSA’s thus can not make comment in regards to the poor working conditions that some of the interviewed DSA’S were making complaints about. Ferguson adds that his company has an independent ethics hotline which is anonymous which all employees who are complaining could use of they are at discomfort with using company structures.

Kabelo Sethomo who is alleged to be implicated in matters of sexual misconducts has said that he will not be making no comments on the matters but rather referred this reporter to speak to the company spokesperson.A female direct sales agent who requires that she be unnamed said in confirmation that she was once stripped off her position of team leader because she refused sexual favours. It is said that all direct sales are scheduled to put up a strike at the BroadhurstBroadhurst Magistrate Court on the 18th March where they will be standing in solidarity with Keabetswe Gwafa who is said to have been unfairly dismissed.