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BEWARE: Queen Bee Syndrome reigns.


They talk the talk and you will always see them before the nation and crowds microphones in hand speaking about feminism and empowering women but it is utterly disappointing to see the same women being the perpetrators of emotional violence against other women.

Most do not believe that their esteemed role models are not as pearly perfect as they front to be. One will eat every word they say up until the moment they try to reach out and they are flatly rebuked. Speaking from experience and many shared stories I came to realize that the Queen Bee Syndrome does exist and as much as it is shattering to admit,my once idolized public figure is one of the Queen Bees and not seeking to bad-mouth I will keep the name to myself.

She was one of those people that when they speak, I listen. Stalking her on social media platforms and loving her journey. She spoke passionately about empowing women and self confidence and it was like she was reading my life, I was enchanted.Our journey in life seemed to be the same and I respected and idolized that fact anyway I ain’t writing this to go on about the past,so to cut the long story short, I wrote to my “when I grow-up I want to be like you,” it took so much courage to pen down the message because she was such royalty for me.

Wrote to her telling her my journey, my imperfections and my aspirations mind you this was the person who always talked about women helping each other to succeed so I was there thinking she is the perfect person to straighten my crown.Enough with the pity party my long paragraph message was replied with a one sentence that only acknowledged my praises for her,it left me heart broken and I went back to all her videos and long paragraphs about women empowerment,maybe I missed something.

I started to pay attention to her when we are in close proximity, she was quick to dismiss a fan and in most she only socialized with the ‘IT’ crowd in events so many I didn’t get the message, she was talking about empowing the empowered.However it downed on me, they do come for conference and marches as they are always cameras, all the high teas and women empowerment seminars but it ends there ,it is a job to most people. And they certainly do not want to share the stage.

They have climbed the ladder and once you take one step into that ladder they pull it away. There are few that will take on mentees and help them grow. It is actually very rare in Botswana to see that happening but in front of the cameras they always talk about wanting to mentor.