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Trade bill to ease doing business.


Minister Bogolo Kenewendo has said that the proposed Trade bill is intended to improve efficiency and precision in helping issuing local businesses licenses. Kenewendo who was making a presentation in parliament late Monday afternoon further said that small businesses in particular are most likely to benefit from the ideas carried in the trade bill.

Kenewendo said that businesses trading in activities that do not require health inspections would only need to register with Companies Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA).Also, the Minister for Trade,Investment and Industry adds that in the same bill there will be a limitation of licenses that will eventually lead to the removal of license requirement on most business activities.

She says that the bill allows for directors to register businesses within a local government area.In addition, Kenewendo tells that the bills would require that an application to trade be made within 30 days from the date it was registered as it is the requirement as per the CIPA Clause 15.

Kenewendo notes that the bill makes reservations for certain businesses belonging to citizens or companies that are wholly owned by citizens. “There is going to be a need to have an application for a license to be made to the director. The bill appeals decisions of the director who would be made to the regional Appeals board while those against the decisions of the board will be escalated to the minister. “