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Masisi why disrespect me by firing someone I employed 


Dear President Mokgweetsi Masisi just you know I could have made this letter a private one, but since I want it to settle and be read by all the coming presidents after you, I will make it an open letter.

Today I woke up to some shocking revelations that you have rendered one of my employee, unemployed. In case you are wondering whom I am talking about, I am referring to his Hon former  Member of Parliament Gideon Boko.

You see, on 2014 I decided to employ Duma Gideon Boko after I checked out his Curriculum Vitae (CV) . Indeed was sold after going through his hefty CV. I was rest assured that this is the man who can work for me and my family in Block 7.

I then gave him a job to represent my area (Gaborone block 7) at Parliament. Let me repeat that again, I then gave Mr. Duma Boko a job as an area Member of Parliament. I am the one who employed Duma Boko not you President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

I do not understand why you found it better to unemploy someone I have employed through my vote. That is disrespecting me. You did not even consult me. I mean I just wake up today then wallah your employee is unemployed.

You know what pains me most, that you are the very person who always brags about how your administration is and will be founded on consultation principle. But then you, Mokgweetsi Masisi you sack my employee without consulting me. Do you know how painful it is to wake up and hear your employee has been sacked but not by you?

How would you feel if I could walk in your cabinet and start firing your Ministers without your knowledge?

Let me remind you that you are not the one paying Duma Boko, I am through my tax. Secondly you are not the one who put him into that office, I am through my vote.

I demand an apology my President and then I will kindly ask you to reinstate my employee. I me will decide whether I fire him come October 2019 during elections.

I will be waiting