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Make-up artist prove the art in cosmetics


One of the greatest artists of the 20th Century Pablo Picasso once said every child is an artist; the problem is how to remain once we grow up.

Hildah Thobolo luckily does not have that problem as she has held on to her artistic beginnings and has evolved to creating enchanting art work in her adulthood.
The 23 years old lady has taken art to another level and proved that indeed makeup is art; however her canvas is the human body.

In an interview with The Parrot Lifestyle Thobolo highlighted that she is a self-taught artist who specializes in Basic beauty and special effects makeup which entail face painting and film makeup.

“I grew up loving to paint and colors and since my father is also an artist my interest was encouraged and I discovered my potential in art,” She said.

With her creative and artistic background Thobolo said she then discovered her ability with make up in 2016 and with the help of YouTube and her family as her guinea pigs, she perfected her art.

From basic beauty makeup she became fascinated with Film makeup to the extent of creating visually real bruises, cuts, piercings and burns, using makeup and fake blood.
The makeup sensation said she derive her inspiration from the Nollywood award winning makeup artist Hakeem Onilogbo, who is the best special effects and prosthetics makeup artist in Africa.

“I always goggle his work as it is very unique and I would love an opportunity to meet and learn from him,” she said.
Thobolo said that so far she gets her clientele from weddings, showers, conference meetings, photo shootings and television interviews.

However she excitedly announced that she is booked for Halloween Fest Botswana that would be held in October.
Gleefully she said she has been contacted to be a brand ambassador for the Model beauty campaign. The campaign she outlined it involves a two days beauty shoot taking place in Las Vegas.

Thobolo pronounced that she is admitted at the London University College of Makeup to study Masters in Prosthetics Makeup.

Further Thobolo said she wish to work with the Ministry of Health and Wellness to feature in creating reality looks for their television adverts and programs such as skin cancer, car accidents wounds and Hiv and Aids.

She also desire to work with Debswana Mines during their First Aid competitions and perform live on affected people so it looks real and interesting.

“To all aspiring artists, discover your talent and make a living out of it. Do not say tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes, start now,” she said.

Makeup in the hands of this Orapa native becomes a beautiful art that garners awes in social media and the lucky ones that get to witness it live. She is truly a rose awaiting to blossom and it will not take time before she makes a name for herself.