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Open letter to President Masisi and Tshekedi Khama- we know your secret


Dear Hon Tshekedi Khama, I hear your launch is coming up and President Mokgweetsi Masisi is expected to launch you as a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Parliamentary Candidate. I have to admit when I heard this I was a little astonished, believe me when I say I did not see this coming.

At first I wondered, why would President Mokgweetsi Masisi launch his nemesis brother, this gentleman is brave. I mean, is he really considering walking boldy in the lion den (Serowe)? Again subsequently I quizzed myself, why would Tshekedi Khama chose his brother adversary political lead party (BDP) and totally pretend he does not see the newly formed Botswana Patriotic Front.

Plainly something is not adding up here. You gentlemen are each up to something. Walking around, shaking hands in public grinning with fake smiles. Let me tell you something, I know your secret and through this letter I will spill it.

Let me start with you President Mokgweetsi Masisi. So when your predecessor former President Lt Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama started categorizing you as his foe, you abruptly shuffled your cabinet sacking some Ministers in the likes of Biggie Butale, Prince Maele etc. Of course we all know you did all these because they affiliated themselves with your predecessor.

Fortunately for Tshekedi Khama you then left him in your cabinet. Let me tell you why you did this my President. You see, in this season, where you are certainly having sleepless nights because of intense competition you are getting from the opposition who are being aided by Ian Khama to end your Presidency, you are desperately in need of Tshekedi Khama’s constituency. To be concise, you only kept Tshekedi Khama in your cabinet becasue you do not want to enrage him knowing for a fact he will defect to BPF, and that will reduce  the number of MPs that will help you to retain your Presidency title. We all know you are already counting on Tshekedi Khama’s likely victory.

On the other hand, Tshekedi Khama is obvious you are playing along President Masisi’s game because you know that towards general elections you will defect to BPF. You know very well that it will be late for the BDP to find your replacement and yet difficult for that candidate to campaign within a short space of time.

I challenge you to deny this Tshekedi Khama. I really dare you. I mean it is evident that you will defect. We do not have to ask you, your actions speaks for you. Lately you have been seen walking with your brother when revealing that obstacle course facility. You knew that will piss President Mokgweetsi Masisi and that was a deliberate move.

So gentlemen stop playing mind games with us. Man up and face each other or I see regret falling upon you too.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi like I said, Tshekedi Khama is going to defect to BPF on the last day of elections  and that will be late for your party to replace him. Tshekedi khama you may think you are going to punish President Mokgweetsi Masisi but get it from me, with your defection or not, BDP is going to win elections and that’s when you are going to face Masisi wrath post the 2019 General Elections.

Allow me to stop here gentlemen