Home Politics Annah Mokgethi youth mobilizer eyes BDP Youth Chair

Annah Mokgethi youth mobilizer eyes BDP Youth Chair


By Kabo Masoba

Youth is a Critical Mass, they always make up 75% of any Sample Population. Youth in Botswana have proved themselves in positions of leadership as is evidenced by the Minister of Trade Bogolo Kenewendo, yet some remain vulnerable to such challenges as Unemployment and Poverty.

I, Kabo Masoba, therefore, have set out to sensitise, mobilise and organise youth into an engine that drives the transformation towards a Knowledge Based Economy. Furthermore, I Kabo Masoba, encourage and inspire youth to use their numbers to influence government to create an enabling Political Environment conducive for youth-centric Socio-Economic advancement.

Ladies and gentlemen as Im waiting for opening canvassing for BDP Youth Elections as my interest is to stand for the position of Youth Chair…

Have a good day ladies and gentlemen.

Kabo Masoba helped Annah Mokgethi to win the Gaborone Bonnington North Parliamentary Seat as a youth mobilising coordinator and youth chair.