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Moswaane eyes better Francistown West with Masisi


I would like to thank Batswana for voting His Excellency the President, Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi and the BDP into power. It is also at this moment that I thank my constituents of Francistown West by giving me a second chance to represent them in Parliament.
I have strong believes that President Masisi is capable of leading this country and improving the economy of Batswana. President Masisi achieved a lot in a short period of that time when he ascended to the presidency taking the baton from Lieutenant General Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama. He stood bold in many of his decisions and acted without fear or favour and this has earned him adoration and respect from all Batswana.
On matters of economic outlook of Botswana, more investors are expected to flock this country because the future is now certain because President Masisi has given more confidence to investors to look to our country for business investment. He has also invited the international business community to look to Botswana as an ideal destination for investment. For this I give the president credit for he did not allow anyone to dictate to him who to bring to invest in our country.
The economic outlook for the past ten years has been characterized by difficulties, painting a bleak picture and spelling doom for some countries like Greece. This was brought about by economic recession and downward spiral of the global economy. In countries like the USA, high financial institutions like the Lehmann Brothers had to close down and countries like Italy and Greece had to effect austerity measures just to survive the recession. With such economic giants being brought to their knees, the Botswana government did extremely well under the stewardship of the BDP such that no retrenchments were undertaken in the Civil Service under such hardships.

We can always give ourselves as a country a pat on the back to have survived while many giants crumbled. We have no doubt whatsoever that under the stewardship of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Botswana, Dr. Mokgweetsi E.K Masisi, we are going to soar higher under all the promises he made in our manifesto. Despite the negative outlook of the Global Economy caused by some conflicts between China and America to derail us, we have great hope in our ability to interact with all the emerging economics of the world especially in Asia, South America and Europe. This coupled with the unshakable desire by His Excellency Dr Masisi to transform and liberate the way of doing things economically and socially will elevate our status to new greater heights.

I agree with His Excellency that in some things we lapsed in concentration and have realized the futility of such and promise each individual voter that whatever lapses in concentration will be dully corrected for the prosperity of our beloved nation. I would therefore like to outline the following points to show our commitment to our slogan of advancing together towards a more inclusive economy.

Our economic outcomes will be characterized by profitability, quality products, reputation, quality service delivery and greater customer satisfaction. We believe that if we achieve the above, money will be generated which will be ploughed back into the economy for better wages and living standards. We believe in engagement first with all the stake holders so that by the time we reap the rewards everyone will have the knowledge and power to make informed decisions. I agree with the BDP leadership that we have to accelerate direct capital investment in health, education, transport, energy, tourism, Agriculture and other important sectors.

I believe it is imperative as per the BDP wish that we comprehensively review our policies where we lapsed before to maximize returns to the economy of Botswana.

We are committed to look careful into the land policy and tribal land act to get rid of the aspects that put Batswana at a disadvantage as have already been evidenced with the policy that allows people to be creative and innovative with their ploughing fields.

On issues of government I believe that our leader His Excellence Dr Masisi has put emphasis on good governance and uninterrupted rule of law and security. I believe that under such circumstances national unity will be strengthened. Our security will be stronger, good governance institutions will be enhanced to act as our ethical and moral compasses. All this will bring about quality democracy and a more integrated civil democracy and a more integrated civil service and can be archived by aligning our constitution with the international standards that guarantees all citizens equality before the law.

As already highlighted we will adhere to international standards and protocols as such interacting a high number of international missions to further grow our status and reputation. We believe as the BDP government that improved economic outlooks will improve our social footprints elevating us to a higher class level. With improved economy, health will improve, education will improve, sports development will improve, all these bringing about much needed employment opportunities and spending power to each and every household.

I urge all Batswana to change their mindset to the effect that self-reliance is achievable hence why it forms one of the founding values of this country being that value of “Ipelegeng.”
Our policies as the ruling parties have shown that they have the power to change the life of Batswana but while they do, it is now up to Batswana to stop plagiarizing other people’s ideas of business but should become more innovative and come up with new ideas. As for job opportunities, I urge our citizens to work towards being multilingual by learning such languages as French, Portuguese and Chinese among other languages for more professional international opportunities. While we strive to create jobs for everyone, we also urge more Batswana to seek more job and business opportunities outside, the same way as other international citizens have come to Botswana for life opportunities.
My urge is to see more local authorities being given more powers to implement more developmental projects. The local authorities should be given more powers to expand financial wise, to enable them to implement projects. There should also be more Public Private Partnership in community developments.
There should be a clear policy on informal sector as they are the engine of growth for the economy. There should be more infrastructure which will enable them to do business and grow.
I also ask the government to increase the Youth Development Fund (YDF) and Gender Economic Empowerment to at least P1billion.
On matters affecting Francistown, I’d like to see Francistown become more industrialized. However, this policy can only be successful if government came up with what we would call ‘Francistown Revitalization Program’ which can help speed up allocation of industrial/commercial plots to investors. My believe is that with that program in place, it should take 3 months to allocate commercial plots to investors for development. Existing companies who are running factories in Francistown, when they want to expand, they should be given priorities when it comes to being given land.
The PG Matante International Airport is underutilized and I believe it should be turned into a Cargo Hub airport where other countries can utilize the airport to ferry their cargo through to other destination.
On other issues of Francistown, government is committed to opening Tati Nickel Mine and BMC and with this done more jobs will be created. In order to boost the economy of Francistown, it is also imperative that all tertiary institutions of Francistown should open at full capacity. The BDP led government is working on a new system which will ensure that Brigade students are paid timeously and their allowances increased because they too face the same struggle as their other tertiary institute counterpart.
On health issues, government should speed up e-health in all its facilities to help in capturing data and inventory of medicine and other necessities. Additionally, the people of Francistown seek for a new District Hospital which can cater for the more than 120,000 people in the city. As it stands Nyangabwe is overwhelmed with referrals.
I promise the people of Francistown West that we will do everything in our usual best to utilize the P10million constituency fund to develop the communities in our locality.
We will make a priority, places where Batswana can set-up business such as market stalls and incubators for informal sector. We will also build community playgrounds for all sporting codes.
Francistown is also surrounded by massive potential farming land that can be utilized through proper irrigation systems.
Lastly, I pledge my support to His Excellency the President, Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi in Job Creation, Fighting Corruption and diversifying our country’s economy. The BDP led government is in a better position to address issues of concern affecting Batswana because it has leaders who are well qualified from different professions and also has a dedicated civil service workforce of staunch patriots.