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The thrilling FNBB experience


It was on a Friday evening at around 3pm when my editor gave me a shout “yoh prepare tomorrow you are going on a trip with FNBB people to Palapye,” and the call ended at just like that.

Well since working for Parrot News Online I have learnt that everyday is work day, that we do not have rest days. I guess that explains also why nowadays if I am not working I feel like I am lazying around. Which is why the summons to work do not bother me anymore.

The memo sent to us read that by 0700hrs we will depart and by 0650hrs all of us (media invited) were already convened at FNBB CBD branch. Since it was Batswana we had to do “nako ya Motswana”and we departed at 0740hrs.

Let me take time to explain the trip inside a quntum. For those who do not know what a quntum is, this is a Toyota mini bus. What was more inviting about the car this time around was not only its comfort but this one quntaum had a high system. When I say high system I mean the car has 12 pioneer speakers installed on its roof interior. The music had every journalist singing to the top of their voice.

Let me not get carried away by our transport, this is about thanking FNBB. We arrived at Palapye little later than planned. Well let me say we were delayed by few stops that we had to make at Airport Junction and Mahalapye where we were bought refreshments and breakfast. I dub that royal treatment courtesy of FNBB.

Although the event had already started when we arrived, we were just on time to witness the car give away. Three contestants were eyeing to drive away with the VW Polo TSi but it looked like luck on that day was on Mr Muhammed Hussein who was named as the FNBB swipe and win car competition winner.

Before I forget let me say this. I do not know if they are trained or during the interview they check if you know how to smile, but the reception we received from the FNBB people wow it was beyond amiable.

It started with Theo Nthoi our guider to Palapye then we met the Marketing Manager Boga Masebu upon arrival. I still recall that smile when she walked over to me introducing herself. At the back of my mind I was like are all FNBB employees like that. I mean they always know how to usher you in, giving you that welcome, with the zeal enveloping their face.  I urge other banks to contract that very person who gives FNBB employees the ” how to treat clients” training.

That was my trip with FNBB this weekend. Remember the swipe and win competition is on. All you have to do is swipe more than 5 times and automatically you enter the competition. I mean why not do it. Did you know that when you swipe it goes for free, heelang I did not know, I mean why get unnecessary bank charges when  withdrawing money while you can swipe. Maun and Francistown soon FNBB will be visiting you.