Home News Batswana pastors have their share on Netflix’s gay Jesus

Batswana pastors have their share on Netflix’s gay Jesus


Earlier this week South Africa news media (Enca news) reported that almost two million Brazilians have signed a petition to have a comedy show depicting Jesus as a gay man cancelled.

A show which is currently showing on Netflix called ‘The First Temptation of Christ’ under the creation of Porta dos Fundos has not been well received especially by Jesus Christ followers including Christians here in Botswana.

In an interview with The Parrot News Online Botswana’s Prophet Phillimon Seabueng said the show is an insult to the Christian faith. “The movie ‘gay jesus’ is an insult to you and me as Christians and abuse to our faith, I stand to condemn the movie and all it stands for,” Seabueng.

Seabueng also reprimanded Netflix saying that they should repent so they save their business and themselves cause they have grieved the Holy spirit. In the show, Jesus’ character brings home his supposed boyfriend Orlando to meet the Holy Family.