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PPC Cement launches Sport and Recreation Center


Gaborone, 28 November 2019- PPC Botswana reveals their naming rights of Wharic Park as the new PPC Sports and Recreational center on the 28th of November 2019.

This was sparked by the strong bond that PPC Botswana and Wharic Park have which was culminated in Wharic being chosen as the number one builder in a competition that PPC ran. The competition ran for four successive years with Wharic scooping position one.

“We are extremely proud to be part of this outstanding development. When I was given the chance to, not only view the facility, but attend several events here, I am thoroughly impressed with the state-of-the art equipment”, said the General Manager of PPC Botswana Mr. Tuelo Botlhole. In addition, wherever there is a Wharic building, there is a PPC sign.

The new name marks another milestone in PPC’s continuing endeavor in supporting sporting and recreational activities, of which some have been hosted at the Park, such as PPC Kgale Hill Champion.

As the leader of the cement industry in Botswana, PPC prides itself as a significant contributor towards the development of the nation as it currently produces over 300,000 tons of cement per annum and over 700,00 tons of aggregates per annum.
In conclusion, PPC Botswana hopes that the opening of this sports and recreational facility will further enhance and grow the relationship that they have with Wharic as well as continue its support of the local sporting industry.