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My first encounter with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri


For so many years I have written many articles on Prophet Shepherd Bushiri but not a single time have I met nor seen him until this past Sunday.

It was on Friday on my way to Mmadinare through the invitation of Hon Molebatsi Molebatsi when my former boss called me in request me to join him and his wife for a Sunday Service in Pretoria. You see a random invitation like that you do not just refuse.

First, we are talking about God, there you are Parrot News Online reporter go and talk to God for the first time this year, secondly why would they choose me over the many people they know, maybe God of Major 1 might have said something to them.

Those are the questions that eventually made me to conform to the idea. Saturday evening at around 9pm my former boss and his wife crossed into South Africa through the Lobatse boarder to Pretoria.

I have to admit that I was a little unsettled and scared. I mean we are from festive holidays and things happened during those holidays, things I preferred to bury with 2019. But this was me heading to the very man who can tell the whole world that I am wearing a blue underwear, I mean from what I have seen on YouTube videos the man can literally see through you. Will he really tell the world of what I did in December, I was yet to find out.

Sunday morning at 02:30am we reached Pretoria and we checked to one hotel to rest. 06:00am we were all up preparing for the service and by 8am we arrived at the Pretoria show grounds where Enlightened Christian Gathering holds its services.

I could not keep up with the singing and lengthy prayers, so I decided to go and take a nap at the car until the Prophet came. At around 1130am I went back and realised they took my seat and was directed to a tent which I later found out it was called Miracle Arena tent. This meant that all those at the Miracle Tent could only access the service live through big mounted flat screens.

The man himself Shepherd Bushiri came at 1247pm. He started preaching and prophesying. There are three things that really got my attention on that service, first was the message he preached, second the prophecy he gave and lastly me having an encounter with him for the very first time.

Let me talk about the message. You see Bushiri that day did not allow himself to be carried away with the prophecy like I normally see on some of his YouTube videos. This time around he really preached. He reprimanded his congregants for not being firm on the word of God. He encouraged all of them to repent and do the will of God. Some how this showed me the guy really care about his people, he really want them to repent.

Now let me talk about the second thing which is the prophecy he gave to one gentleman. First let me state that the Journalism in me does not rest. Wherever I go I always look for controversy, you know something to write about. I have to be honest and say I was beginning to be bored when the service was all normal, same procedure without anything exciting until one gentleman told Papa “aah you are not telling the truth the Prophecy is wrong.”

Narrating exactly what really happened, Prophet Bushiri approached one gentleman, prophecied at him and rhetorically asked him “You used to work in a farm right?” and the gentleman literally said “No I didn’t” wait what, did he just say he didn’t? That was the Journalism in me waking up.

From where I was I could tell Bushiri was in shock that the guy just refused to admit that he used to work in a farm. He asked the guy again you mean the prophecy is wrong and boldly the man said yes I do not remember working in a farm. For the second time Bushiri tried his luck to have the guy conform to his prophecy and asked him you mean I am not telling the truth, and the gentleman did not hesitate and said yes.

Bushiri left him and went to attend to others. Later one of his assistant called to tell him that the man he refused to admit he was working in a farm wants to confess that he now remembers that he used to work in a farm a very long time ago.

On a journalistic perspective I would say the guy was just saving the Prophet from embarrassment but on a human point of view maybe the guy really remembered and had to clear it up with the prophet.

Anyway let me talk about my encounter with the Prophet for the first time. So I got tired of watching people being told their past and future and I decided to go outside to buy myself a snack. Just when I was heading to one of the many hawkers selling at the show grounds, I met a fleet of luxurious cars by the side of the cars were well built men who seemed to be protecting the car or the person inside it.

Of all my life I have never seen such scene in real life. I have always seen it on movies more especially when the President of the United States is being escorted by his bodyguards. I quickly did the math and came to one conclusion that Bushiri was moving from the hall where he was preaching and was heading to our tent. Deep down I knew this was my opportunity to meet with him.

I dashed to where I was seating. Fortunately this time around they did not take my seat. The man came to our tent. Did what he is well known for, gave prophecies. Everytime when he moved around I will observe with a hawk eye. You see when he moved around his technical team will broadcast on the screen to watch, but then there are times they just cut to some congregants singing and I wondered why. I then realised that there are those moments they do not want us to see, like where the Prophet will just pause and point to a guy holding a bottle of water, who will then rush, put a bottle of water on the Prophet’s mouth and help him drink, or that moment where he will also pause and some guy will rush with a small towel and wipe sweat out of his face.

Well if every prophet received that royal treat from their servants, I found myself wishing God could have given me the prophecy gift to get that kind of treatment from my servants.

All in all I enjoyed the service and I so look forward for another invitation. Papa’s children tells me that this year will be a good year for me since I saw the Prophet for the first time on the first month of the year. I say I am ready to testify daddy.