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An adventure in the neglected Kgale hill


One of the all time greatest adventures I have had to take up lately was my yesterday’s Kgale Hill hill. I have over the years done a plethora of hikes at the same hill, but what stood out from yesterday’s hike was the need to want to push for more. I have had the inact desire in me that had me pushing to get to the peak despite the way at which my body was refusing to go.

Bouncing out of my bed just before 6am, I put on the lightest of the clothes I had prepared, I knew how tough and daunting it can be to take up a challenge of hiking if you are not well suited. I had in mind the peak, it was all I could see and feel in my head too. I did a quick drive from the other side of Gaborone to the other, I stay in Broadhurst which makes Kgale Hill a lot further than unimaginable.

The drive was as easy as it could ever get to, free flow of traffic, and very little drivers on the road in the early hours. I had to complete the hill climbing before 0800hrs since I usually have to be at church at 10am.

I was at the climbing spot by 7am, took with me a water bottle and a Herbalife Protein shake. I must note that what caught my eye on the way up was how clean the hill was kept this time around, from my previous hill climbing attempts I have always loathed the dirt from plastics, Chibuku papers and even used condoms found all over.

The breath of untempered air was beautiful to my lungs, I was sweating, and feeling hot. My body was in fury, it was in rage from keeping on despite its refusal. At one of the most difficult spot for climbing I found that I had done only 35% towards achieving peak, at that moment I knew I need more than just pushing but I had to try PEP talks, and Affirmations even.

There was very little people trying the hill this Sunday. At the peak there was a crop of what looked like Indian families and teams of people who were exercising together, and I had to hide my phones as there were young men who kept asking people what they had brought them.

My peak reach was very brief as I did not want to invite trouble on myself by staying up there for long alone. The route down was easy to identify and easy in attempting.

I greeted people, offered smiles along the way down, and encouraged those that looked like they were about to quit before reaching the top: Oh the Gaborone dam looks like it will take us through the next 2 years. It is a lot more pregnant on the eye than it was when I was last up the hill before the Dineo rains. My adventure was this exciting, I will definitely take it up in 2 weeks.