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Open letter to FNBB


Dear first National Bank Botswana, I hope you will find within your good hearts to Pardon me for making this letter public. I understand some things are not meant to be kept a secret but to be made public more especially things like how you treated me at the just concluded 2020 Budget Review Event.


Just so we all know how it all began, I got a message on a Monday that as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owner the “How can I help you” bank wants me at their event where they will be reviewing the Dr Thapelo Matsheka’s Budget Speech.

I have to admit I was a little reluctant to go, my dumb self was already anticipating boring, long and uninviting technical sessions running all day. On the other hand the curiosity in me refused to allow in me a reluctant attitude, and early Tuesday morning I was all up preparing for the event.

Upon arrival I was already enticed by the branding at the main gate. What is it with this First National Bank, it has to make sure it gets pole position also in Branding? That was me pretending I am not impressed with the branding.

I then proceeded to the main entrance where I met this beautiful lady by the name Taelo who of course welcomed me with a smile. I have to admit this did not come as a shock to me, I mean at every FNBB branch I have visited I have always been welcomed with a smile by one of its staff members. It is like they are all trained to smile with clients. No wonder their slogan is ‘how can I help you’ who will turn down such an offer when the one who wants to help you is drawing you in with their beautiful smile.

Back to the story, the beautiful Taelo then ushered me to my spot. I had of course come early so I had to go and get some tea. As I was serving myself the ever smiling Boga Masebu walked in. She extended a hand shake, (wait even in corona virus epidemic they still do handshakes this bank is something else, I quizzed myself for a while there.) but there were sanitizers across the room.

A number of other FNBB staff I have had a talks with before walked in namely Theo and Modiri. The two gentlemen also like their female colleagues offered smiles, I was made to feel special at this event.

Different speakers took turns at making their presentations. Let me take time to talk about the presentations. You see individuals like me with a Humanities Educational Background will hardly spend more than an hour in events where the main theme is centered around economy and other things relating to money. This is because economy discussions are never appealing to an ordinary mind.

But with those presentations I found myself glued to the chair for almost 3 hours. I enjoyed every presentation. From the government representative Obusitswe Tiroesele to Timothy Moalusi from CIPA to Jonathan Hore and Botswana Unified Revenue Service representative William Nkitseng who was presenting about Tax and Policy- securing our feature in the digital Age the conversation remained appealing.

Although all the presenters articulated their presentations very well and with great poise, there is one discussion that really got my attention, the ‘Inspiration from Inspiring Entrepreneurs’ presentation. Facilitated by Lerang Selolwane, the panel was made up of Newman Ramotokwane, the O3 water CEO Ebrahim Mahomed, Pearl Ranna, Tony Mautsu and Lerumo Mogobe.

All panelists gave the audience a share of their story of where they started to be the decorated entrepreneurs they are today. Each one of them gave an inspiring story at the same time advising their audience by reverting to some of the questions they threw at them. It was an interaction session where every youth entrepreneur was able to interact and learn from the overcomers.

All in all it was a great session from FNBB and I look forward to such events in future. You made business and economy conversations more enjoyable and easily comprehensive.