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Open letter to Philda Kereng- Please take care of our tourists


Dear Minister of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism Phildah Kereng, first let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your nomination as a special Member of Parliament and also for climbing the ranks to get the honor to be ordained as Minister of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism.

With all the formalities been taken care of, let me state that this letter serves to advise you as the minister who has been entrusted with the responsibility to care for our fauna and flora.

I am concerned my Honourable. I do not know if is  still early to pass judgment on you, but I think you are not doing your job. Forgive me but I could not be numb and wait to give you a little more time to adapt to the Ministry and scribble this later, while one of the species that we pride ourselves as a country with, is being poached at an alarming rate. Yes I am talking about our rhinos.

Today we hear that 45 rhinos have been poached and two on Tuesday this week. This is sad My Honourable!

I know your Ministry is currently saying it is putting measures in place to fight these poachers. You even voiced them out to the public, honestly I find this funny my Honourable Minister with all due respect. I mean how can you give out to the public some of your strategies to combat poaching, indirectly alerting your enemy, in this case the poachers to prepare and be a step ahead of you.

Why would you share those strategies when the poachers are not telling you their strategies to beat you to those rhinos.

What beats me most is the safety of our tourists. I hear that nowdays the anti poaching unit is using rifles (AK47) to fight these poachers. Are you seriously telling us that our widlife and soldiers are well equipped to fight a man who carry an automatic machine?

I am not an ammunition enthusiast but I know for sure it is a losing battle to go to war with someone armed with an  automatic machine while you depend on an AK47.

My Honourable Minister I kindly urge you to do something about this. Protect our rhinos and our tourists. We do not want a situation where we hear tourists have been murdered because our rangers could not protect them because they carry less potent weapons. We do not want to hear that the Westerners have boycotted visiting our country because we do not take care of our wildlife.

I trust you will do something my Honourable Minister.