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Debswana donates P200 000 into Tokyo 2020 Games, BNOC wants more


The quest to raise money into preparations ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games continues. Speaking in a press briefing yesterday, Botswana National Olympic Committee CEO Tuelo Serufho said that they (BNOC) have been granted with P200 000 by Debswana. He further told that the Chinese Community in Botswana has joined in helping with the preparations as well as Business Botswana.

So far Athletics still has 3 players who have qualified for the games and will have until June to qualify more athletes. Meanwhile Boxing has until April to qualify,and  only one female athlete namely Keamogetse Kenosi has qualified. Karate has been in a camp in Paris, France preparing for the qualifying games. BNOC according to Serufho however might have to reduce the team, depending on who has the prospect of qualifying. Judo has three athletes with the prospect of qualifying, and the BNOC has told that they are currently monitoring their progress.

On Corona Virus the CEO said that they are currently looking into making decisions noting that there is a concern over the Corona Virus. He said that decisions will have to be made on where to send the the team for preparations before the games. The fund raising dinner which has been postponed before will still be held Serufho revealed, “the intention is not to tick the box over having had a dinner but it should be able to finance our cause,” said Serufho. He said that they are awaiting a confirmation from the guest speaker and will start sharing dates for the event. Tshepo Sitale has been appointed to lead the delegation that will be heading to Tokyo.

Minister Tumiso Rakgare who was invited to the press conference to offer words of encouragement noted that Botswana needs to put in the work to maintain Competitiveness. “We can win the coverted medals, I hope I am not the only optimistic one ahead of the Tokyo 2020, we have arrived from London with other sporting leaders, and we met with those e that matter most, in the next 50 years we want to do more and bring more medals,” Rakgare.

” I have a firm belief than ever before to break our records, and that we will be recognized as the powerhouse of sport in the region. In the future we will commit figures to show that we want to win medals, and as a country and not from the business community,” said the Minister.

Regarding the concerning Corona Virus the Minister had this to say: “Given the challenges we are facing in the likes of the Corona Virus, the proceeds will ensure that we have the right medical care from all other needs in preparation for the games. My greatest wish is to raise more money in surplus and that we will be able to prepare for the most next games after the Tokyo 2020 games,”he said.

The Minister who arrived on Saturday from London has told that he has the Sport in the country at heart and will work closely with leaders to progress collectively. “We have the patience, and indeed we should have what we will as a great nation. We intend to resource BNOC even further because ethey are underresourced,” said Rakgare