Home Business LUCARA pledges P6.5 million towards the Covid-19 pandemic

LUCARA pledges P6.5 million towards the Covid-19 pandemic


Lucara Diamond Corp.’s 100 percent owned Karowe Diamond Mine, located in Letlhakane, Botswana, has been in production since 2012 and is one of the world’s foremost producers of large, high quality, Type IIA diamonds. Given the COVID-19 impact we are seeing around the globe, including our beautiful country, we as Lucara Botswana are continuing to support our fellow Batswana. In so doing, we are striving to do that which is sustainable and in alignment with what is the ‘right thing to do’.

Our efforts are centered on maintaining those United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) that we hold dear to us. By the support we are rendering. We are hoping to make an impact on some of those important SDG’s like zero hunger, good health and well-being and gender equality

Support Rendered

Covid-19 Relief Fund
A cash pledge of P3 million paid to the Government of Botswana donations fund.

Sanitisers, Masks and Gloves
To augment the governments efforts in distributing sanitisers, masks and gloves, Lucara Botswana donated the same in Letlhakane to the value of 3 hundred thousand Pula.

Food Hampers
A total of 3 700 food hampers were distributed to the elderly, sick and vulnerable countrywide. The hampers were made up of essential foods, soap in order to assist those in need during this pandemic. The value of the food hampers donated is 1.2 Million Pula.

GBV Shelter
The unfortunate side effects of the lockdown have seen a rise in GBV cases. As Lucara Botswana, we have pledged 500 Thousand Pula towards refurbishment and stocking of necessities for GBV shelters in Letlhakane and Gaborone respectively.

Testing Kits and Quarantine Facility
In order to assist and speed up testing for Covid-19 and containment of the virus. Lucara Botswana, has pledged P 1.5 million Pula towards testing and a quarantine facility for the Boteti region. This pledge will help Governments efforts of testing as many people as possible so at to efficiently contain the outbreak of the virus.

Lucara Botswana is fully committed to supporting the community it operates under as well as the nation in general. Lucara Botswana has embarked on various community projects, having recently launched a P 35 million sports complex to be built in Letlhakane. We will continuously seek ways of responding to this pandemic and explore further ways of assisting the Government of Botswana and other stakeholders in fighting Covid-19. We urge all citizens to stay home, wash hands regularly with soap and follow all laid protocols as communicated by The Health Officials.