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Daniel Kenosi likely to face Jail time


Botswana Police Service Spokesperson Dipheko Motube has revealed that they (BPS) are on a hunt for local social media mogul Daniel Dan Kenosi. He is alleged to have swindled various persons monies, and is therefore wanted for false pretenses. Last year December, Kenosi through his Facebook page alleged that a lady by the name Neo Shashe was impregnated by the Vice-President Slumber Tsogwane. According to the post, Neo then sought to hide the pregnancy by terminating it at 3 months in the United Kingdom at Tsogwane’s expenses.

In an interview with this publication, Shashe explained that what Kenosi said about her and the Vice-President was a prevarication. In November last year Shashe said that she travelled to South Africa (RSA) to catch her flight. Upon her arrival in RSA, she enounced that she called her sister who resides in RSA to take her to OR Tambo Airport. Alas for Shashe she found that her flight had already departed 10 minutes before her arrival. ‘’I had to stay in RSA for three days to resolve my ticket issue. All this time I was staying in Sandton at my sister’s place,’’ voiced Shashe. She further said: ‘’While in RSA, Dan sent me a direct message on Facebook asking where I was and I told him I was in Sandton, South Africa, he went on to ask which Sandton Street.

I was clueless that he might be in Sandton I then told him my street name.’ According to Shashe, Kenosi then requested to meet with her but instead she refused telling him that she is pregnant cannot meet with him. ‘’That is when Dan learnt about my pregnancy, and he went on to ask who the baby daddy was, but I refused to reveal my baby daddy, until today Dan does not know who my baby daddy is,’’ announced Neo.

For Shashe, the laws of UK sent her back to Botswana as she was not allowed to stay in the UK for more than 6 months without a Visa. Also she could not apply for one while 6 months pregnant. Upon her arrival, the following day Shashe said that she saw Kenosi’s post on Botswana Advertiser Facebook page selling a BMW car. ‘’I then commented on the post asking for the price of the car, that is when he sent me a direct message telling me he is an agent of a car dealership based in Central Business District (CBD), Gaborone,’’ she said. She allegedly indicates that Kenosi managed to convince her to buy the car, and on the 5th of December 2019 she then requested the bank details of the company to deposit the money.

‘’The agreement was that I pay P10000 then pay the rest of the monies when the car arrives, that is when he shared Tlotso Creations bank details, a company I was given the impression was not his, only to find out he lied he was the sole owner of Tlotso Creations.’’ ‘’I was then told I should contact one of Tlotso Creations owners some guy called Thabo Disele to give him the proof of the P10 000 payment. I called Thabo who confirmed that he knows about the car, and told me we will meet later that day. He later called that day to postpone, and the following day was another postponement even on the third day same story,’’ stated Neo.

According to Neo suspicions that she must have been swindled her monies started to rise. She then called Disele to give him an ultimatum, either to meet or she pursues the take legal route. Shashe alleges Thabo confessed and told her that they have never taken her money, all this time her monies were credited to Tlotso Creations a company owned by Kenosi.
Neo then reported the matter at Airport Police where a case was opened against Dan. ‘’I then wrote about how he swindled me my money on Facebook that night after reporting the matter at the police. The following day he then told everyone on social media that I lied and that he has never swindled me P10 000, and that in fact I was impregnated by the VP and he knows about my trip to UK where I made an abortion, ” she said.

The Botswana Police mouth piece Dipheko Motube confirmed to the Parrot News Online that they are currently looking for Daniel Kenosi. According to Motube, when they nab Kenosi he will most likely face charges of false pretense.
Although Motube told the Parrot News Online he only recalls a single case against Kenosi, another woman named Thato Magojwa also told the Parrot News Online that Kenosi swindled her a sum of P50 000. ‘’He told me we should partner to run a hair saloon in Gaborone West which was being sold for P100 000,’’ said Magojwa. After signing an agreement Mogojwa says she then gave Kenosi P50 000 which she got as loan from the then Barclays Bank. ‘’Dan after that just disappeared and started ignoring my calls, sometimes telling me he is busy he will get back to me, what pains me is, it has been 3 years now and I am still paying the loan,’’ lamented Thato.

Daniel Kenosi did not respond to questions sent through WhatsApp rather blocked this reporter.