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Driving schools owners petition government



Driving schools owners across the country are demanding that they be addressed on business opening, Parrot News can confirm. According to driving schools owners interviewed by Parrot News, government is failing to meet the owners half way noting that they were expecting an official statement requesting that they not open businesses on the 2nd of June 2020 as it was initially reported.

” We are wondering why we are being treated like this, at first it was the new testing system now they are opening schools and putting our kids’ lives at risk of contracting the Coronavirus while adults who run businesses are shunned,” said a crop of UB driving schools owners who had met to write a petition to government yesterday (Tuesday).

Minister Thulagano Segokgo heading the Ministry of Transport and Communications in a media briefing last week told that driving schools businesses will open operations on the 2nd June of this month. President of the Association of driver training and road safety Botswana Alakaanani Serai has since told that in a meeting they held with the Ministry of Transport and Communications yesterday they were asked that their members halt operations.

According to Serai, they have since been working with the Ministry on Health regulations that all driving schools were to follow. “We submitted the health regulations to the relevant ministry, and we had hoped that they will be approved and be published in the last week government gazette but that has not materialized,” Serai.

Furthermore, Serai said that the members of the Association are fuming because they have not been inspected as well.” Members of the Association argue that there has to be an official statement requesting that they not open their businesses. It was announced on national television last week that we can open businesses and we want them to do the same on asking us not to open as yet,” added Serai.

As at 1900hrs on Tuesday an official statement by the Ministry had not been released asking members of the Driving schools Association to close businesses as it was promised to the Association. Efforts have proven futile to reach the Minister Thulagano Segokgo and his ministry Public Relations arm as their lines ran unanswered.