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Franco Investments lose P70 000 under lockdown



Almost 2 months back, His Excellency Dr Mokgweetsi Eric Masisi placed the whole country on an extreme social distancing as an intervention to combating COVID-19 in Botswana. Non essential businesses prove to be the hardest hit in Botswana as full trade was halted.

The Parrot News Online has learnt in an interview with one of the established local creative entrepreneur Frank Lesokwane fondly known in the music circles as Franco that the industry has been hugely affected by the lockdown.

The Rhumba mogul told this publication that under Franco Investments he has established artists who usually share the stage with him when on shows across the country. For Franco, some of these artists depend on his performances for survival.

“For the past 2 months we have lost over P70 000 during lockdown because we had no shows, it has been hard for these artists under Franco investments, ” said Franco.

The Afro Musica leader also highlighted that he has encouraged some of the artists he leads to take advantage of the youth ministry newly introduced fund seeking to offer aiding to the creative sector in the form of financial subsidy.

Franco further told Parrot News that he feels that there is alot government can do to help the creative sector. Asked to mention some the desired interventions on the part of government, Lepako as he is famously known did not hesitate and called on government to allow them to do musical shows.

“Today (Monday) I visited rail park mall, and what I saw there was painful, no social distancing, I also observed that as government requested businesses were registering names, checking temperatures of their clients and I asked myself, why can’t government allow us to do the same in our shows, we register our spectators at entry and sanitize them, make sure there is social distancing, it’s possible,”said Franco.

Franco assured his legion of fans that as soon as everything goes back to normal, they will advise on the dates for Soul Fill up with Franco music festival.