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Girlfriend Muti Powers work against her



Frederick Balemogeng who allegedly stabbed ex-girlfriend Keineetse Kotlhao 2 weeks back at her work place with a knife in Railpark has been granted bail and is facing charges of causing unlawful wound. However family and friends interviewed by Parrot News allege that Balemogeng has suffered abuse at the hands of Kotlhao’s boyfriend.

Muti and panties were found on Balemogeng’s bag which are believed to have been used by Kotlhao on Balemogeng to gain money. Balemogeng’s family as met and interviewed by this reporter has since reported that Balemogeng was under a spiritual attack when he stabbed his girlfriend. 22 year old Frederick is alleged to have been suffering abuse at the hands of Kotlhao both emotionally and physically.

According to an incident confirmed to this publication by neighbors and family in Mmopane where the couple allegedly stayed together, Balemogeng was on more than two occasions assaulted by Kotlhao’s boyfriend. Tebogo Boitumelo who identified as aunt to Balemogeng confirmed incidents of abuse. She however said that Balemogeng kept these incidents to himself. “I have been staying with Fred for long, he has been staying with me until he got a job, when he moved he did not show me where he was going to be staying but I later learnt that he was staying with Keineetse,” said Boitumelo.

The aunt alleges that as the relationship between Balemogeng and Kotlhao grew, she noticed that he (Balemogeng) was losing weight and was always absent minded.”I got to learn also that Fred was paying rent for the two, but the girl insisted that she did not want him through WhatsApp messages. During lockdown he would come visit me until around 3am. He would send WhatsApp messages on my phone to Keineetse. On Monday evening Fred came to me and asked for transportation money, while sleeping that evening at around 11pm, he knocked on my door saying that he was bruised but he would not show me the wound. I later leant through his neighbors that he was beaten by Keineetse’s boyfriend,” Boitumelo.

Balemogeng also confirmed incidents of abuse. He said that he had been stayed with Kotlhao and that he has been beaten by her boyfriend. Efforts to reach Kotlhao has since ran futile as she declines calls from this publication and would not respond to texts. A traditional healer who identifies as Mkhulu Moyo visited by Parrot News confirmed muti found in Balemogeng’s bag to be used for strengthening relationships, and that women often use it on their lovers so that they may never lose interest in them or always gift them. The case of state against Balemogeng continues next month at Extension 2 Magistrate