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Kang Police wrongfully brutalize 21 year old



Ontlametse Keitireng a young man from Kang has opened a case against two police officers in Kang for allegedly torturing and beating him  last week Tuesday and later on denying the allegations. In an interview with the Parrot News Online, Keitireng said he was tortured and beaten by two police officers who work in Kang Police Station during interrogation.

According to Keitireng all hell broke when two months ago one suspect, chased by officers decided to enter their yard and hid in his room. “From what I heard was, the suspect was dragged out of my room and was found in possession of marijuana and lots of unaccounted money, when all these happened I was not at home,” he said. Quizzed if he has any idea why the suspect chose his room and why it was not locked, Keitireng said where they live is a multi residential house and he did not lock his room because his friends were around and so usually he would leave his room under their guard when he is not around.

It was last week (Wednesday 27 May 2020) when Ontlametse Keitireng said two cops appeared at his work place and then told him he should come for questioning at Kang Police station at 2pm. Upon his arrival, Keitireng says he was taken to one office where he found three officers inside the office. “It was a lady officer and two male cops who I later discovered their names were Jack and Simon.” “I was offered a seat, and that’s when they tied my hands at the back on the chair I was seating on, two questions were thrown at me on how I was related to the man they chased two months back and they started slapping me,” he narrates.

Although Keitireng says he tried to explain that he does not have any relation with the suspect, and does not even know him, the two police officers did not believe a thing that came out of his mouth and took the interrogation measures to another level. “One of them took a cane and started hitting me with it under my feet, they also used a plastic to cover my face which made me struggle to breath,” he said. He went on to say that the two cops released him and told him to show up for questioning the following day. He added that from the police station he went straight to the hospital to seek medical attention as his feet were swollen. ” From the hospital one of my friends advised me I should fight for justice and also use the media to expose these guys and was that’s when I called you,” Keitireng.

Unfortunately for Keitireng dragging in the media for help  made things worse as the police officers he said tortured him denied everything. ” The following day when I went there in the afternoon, these two officers then asked me why I had approached the media and also lie that they have tortured me,” said Keitireng. ” I was astonished that they said I lied by telling you, but they know very well they tortured me and beat me for nothing I even have medical records to prove that,” Ontlametse. Today Keitireng says that the two officers are threatening him and he suspects they might do something that may ruin his future. “All I need is justice, these guy tortured me for nothing, what pains me is for a case that I hear the man they chased was long charged for it and he has already paid his fine,” told Ontlametse.

When questioned if he is aware of Ontlametse Keitireng case, the Station Commander Olebeng Chingabe said he was not aware of it because he was aware when the incident occurred. Chingabe requested this journalist to call him after 5 hours so that he could get more info about the case, alas after 5 hours his office phone rang unanswered.  The Parrot News Online reporter left his contacts with one officer at the switchboard till today the station commander never responded.