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Motion of no confidence looms



News gathered by The Parrot News Online suggests that there is a likelihood of a motion of no confidence installed on His Excellency the President Dr Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi.

A motion of no confidence, or a vote of no confidence, or no confidence motion, is a statement or vote about whether a person in a position of responsibility (government, managerial, etc.) is no longer deemed fit to hold that position, perhaps because they are inadequate in some aspect, are failing to carry out obligations, or are making decisions that other members feel detrimental. As a parliamentary motion, it demonstrates to the head of state that the elected parliament no longer has confidence in (one or more members of) the appointed government.

With the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) preparing for its elective congresses this year, former President Lt Gen Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama is among people already foreseeing the dark cloud hovering the ruling party.

Speaking to The Parrot News Online Khama last week in an interview, he has since revealed that President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s led party is heading for bad times.

According to Khama, he has reliably been informed that already there are factions emerging within the BDP.

Quizzed on how he knows about the rising of factions within the BDP, the former head of state pointed out that he has sources who are BDP members. “We have close ties with some members of the BDP who inform us what is happening in there,” Khama.

Khama further confidently pointed out that it is just a matter of time someone within the BDP that someone tables a motion of No Confidence on President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

“There could be a resolution of no confidence at the upcoming BDP Congress or at Parliament, anyone can come up with it, it is just a matter of time,”said Khama.

Fortunately for President Masisi it seems like he might escape the embarrassment of receiving a likelihood of no confidence from his party members as the congress might just be postponed.

The BDP congress which was scheduled to be on July will not take place. The BDP Communications and International Relations chairman Kgalalelo Banks Kentse has confirmed to The Parrot News Online that the congress will not take place due to the State of Emergency.

“No such gatherings can not happen as long as we are on the State of Emergency,” he said.

Close sources within the party who preferred being anonymous told this publication that the congress has been postponed to next year.

In the year 2018, the then leader of opposition Duma Boko had tabled a motion of no confidence against Masisi. Parliament then rejected a motion of no confidence against President Mokgweetsi Masisi and his government, with 35 MPs voting against it, 11 in support while three abstained.