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Siku calls for sport commercialization



Local sport leader Natasha Siku has in an interview with Parrot Sport this week told that there is a need to accelerate efforts to commercialize sport. Siku who has served in the Botswana National Executive Committee at Botswana Tennis Association has been making strides in various sporting rounds.

She has played for both the tennis and netball national teams in both her junior and senior years as an athlete. Her background from having schooled in the United States has since presented an opportunity to view sport beyond just a go to hobby.

” Sport does not only change our lives as athletes but can contribute greatly to the economy of the country. We really need to look beyond our beef and diamond and see other sustainable ways to sustain ourselves and our country. There are a lot of people who are talented in the sporting fraternity. They are not just competing athletes but they are coaches, sport nutritionists, officials, sport photographers, marketing and sport psychologists among other areas. This industry does not exist, it needs a little push, “observes Siku.

She argues that there is a need to break ground and see beyond our now. With the COVID-19 scourge having enveloped the whole world, this is the time according to Siku that Botswana needs to be looking into new ways of making the economy work around sport.

“This idea could help even with employment, there is so much that people could do in sport administration and other areas. Majority of coaches who possess the greatest experience of work are volunteering, it goes on to explain the lack of motivation also across sport codes. These people are able to produce elite athletes, what could come out of them if we gave a little more push for them?” she adds. In addition, Siku said that the sporting industry in Botswana needs more than just investing but a little more restructuring. She believes that Botswana should be a hub for sport.