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Karbly tells his disability story



Usually he is the last Member of Parliament (MP) to enter Parliament premises. He will walk in dragging his other foot. From a distance it would seem safe to conclude that he is not troubled by his disability at the same time unfazed that he just added another day on his perennial late coming records. Sympathetic of him, some say he deserve to be given all the time he needs but for Liakat Kably feeling sorry for him is the last thing he needs.

The area Member of Parliament for Letlhakeng – Lephephe Liakat Kably this week in an interview told Parrot News how it is like to be living disabled. Kably takes this reporter back to the year 1979 where together with his uncle they had embarked on a hunting spree for Guinea Fowls. According to Kably that day they ignored all the safety precautions and he sat next to a loaded double barrel short gun on the passenger seat. “My uncle was driving, and when we saw the Guinea fowls I reacted quickly and pulled out the gun unfortunately something hooked the trigger and pulled it, all I heard was a Loud bang, ” Kably. Instead of going home with a bleeding Guinea fowl, the duo returned with Kably’s blood having splashed all over. Kably tells that the leg was later amputated.

Today Kably uses an artificial leg to be able to walk. The MP shares that though the leg has helped him to be able to move around like any other able bodied person, in the political circles he has become a laughing stock. “I remember one time one politician who was my opponent told my constituents not to vote for me because I would not be able to run to deliver their pledges at Parliament, these are some of the lashes I used to get from my political opponents and they used to bother me, but nowadays I am not, ” Kably.

He is currently serving as Letlhakeng – Lephephe MP for the second consecutive time. Although he is on his second term, Kably projects loss on the 2024 General Elections. According to Kably his party which is also the ruling party is failing to bring developments in the area. “I do not see myself coming back in 2024, my constituents are going to vote me out because the government is sabotaging me, they are refusing to bring roads to Letlhakeng- Lephephe,” he observed. Kably also took time to lash at the government of the day for not introducing the disability policy which according  to him would help people with disabilities in Botswana. “They long assured us they will bring the bill to Parliament, even now we are still waiting. First it was Molale, then Molefhi today it is Morwaeng, still same answer, we will bring the bill soon,” said Kably.

According to Kably he blames the President for appointing someone to lead people with disabilities yet they themselves are clueless about disabled persons.