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Dear Sex


By Tshepo Shoshong

You have eluded me for some time now and this lockdown is not helping the situation either.  You are a basic need but somehow you haven’t been part of my needs in the longest and I wonder how you feel about such a situation.

We should be best of friends but this long distance we are in makes it difficult to explore what we have. I crave your warm affection and kisses, your all night long passionate exercise of our desires were sweat and moans punctuate the night as we tore each other’s strengths. I miss going down on you, nibbling on your delicate skin as orgasm ripple through your whole body and ache for my warmth in you.

When you engulf my whole being, making me boil with desire round after round as your nails dig on my back marking your territory and leaving a trail of love bites littered round my body.

You know how I love to have you first things in the morning and how those public places scream of a quickie with adrenaline rushing through us because we might get caught, from the car at that secluded spot to the lounge, kitchen and our resting place in the bedroom. From the floor, the couch, the shower and by the morula tree we spice up our activity, never will we get bored but you have left me, left me all alone to pleasure myself thinking of you. It is not the same but one has to do what they can to feed the craving right?

So tell me, when do you think you will be back in my life again?

I need to let go of those inhibitions as I scream God’s name when I reach cloud nine. I miss your smell, the lingering after taste of your warm labials after a night of erotic escapes that our parents will be ashamed of if they knew how we like to be chocked and spanked as our bodies shudder to the earthly pleasures of sex.

I know you also enjoy our encounters though they are sparingly spread, we make the most of our time together and it reminds me that I should get new silk ties to bond you up like you like, fifty shades kind of things.

We understand each other, we like it rough and wild at times, you leaving marks on my back that serve as a reminder of all the unimaginable things we did last night, the kind that makes one smile to the self when they think about it days later, you being wet from the thoughts and the evidence of my desire bulging through every time your name is mentioned. Indeed you a master of the karma sutra.

sex, please remember me before I go insane missing you, thinking about how others have you daily while I starve of your affection, please give me someone who will help me quench this thirst I find myself in.


Sex starved lover