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BNPC encourages competitiveness in organizations


For a while now Botswana has been ranking among the best in Africa in areas of good governance, low levels of corruption, and high education levels. However, the country has for a long time been daunted by reports of low productivity, in both the public and private sector, poor work ethic identified as a key factor by many observers. The business community has consistently complained about poor work ethic among employees.

Giving his Presentation at Boteti Sub Council BNPC Consultant Oarabile Lesole defined Productivity as an attitude that strives to achieve the habit for improvement, as well as the systems and the set of practices that translate the attitude into action.

In order to produce desirable results in an organisation, Lesole further emphasised the importance of competitiveness. According to Lesole, for productivity to increase in an organisation there has to be  competitiveness.

”The level of productivity in turn sets the level of prosperity that can be earned by an economy.However, the level of productivity is underpinned by the work ethic of the individual,” Lesole.

Touching on some of the desirable traits for sustainable development on industries, Lesole said team work as well as respecting the rights of others; Respecting confidentiality; Cooperativeness, Assertive; Displaying customer service attitude, seeking opportunities for continuous learning among others can bring profound productivity.

The BNPC consultant in his conclusion recommended that there should be a development of a national leadership strategy for both the formal and informal sectors. Such a strategy should include but not limited to: Meritorious criteria for selection, appointment and retention of competent ethical leaders, Executive on-boarding. Learning, training and development of leaders on workplace ethics and others.