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Did you know? 0% increase in school fees at GIS


COVID19 has put us all through challenging times as individuals, and parents are under extreme pressure. As Gaborone International School, we thought it would then be sensible to provide relief by not increasing our fees (0% increase) due to this pandemic. Our staff support this decision as well as our parenting body, and we want to assure them that the quality of our offering will not drop.

With this 0% school fees increase, GIS will be affected in the sense that we have to ensure strict cost base control as the school’s expenses will increase. The cost base control has to happen without compromising quality and our teams are ready to get this done.

One of the most challenging situations is that stakeholders have varying views on how the pandemic should be managed in schools. Some feel that schools should be closed while others feel that schools are going overboard in terms of protocols around covid-19. Managing the views, uncertainties and anxiety of various stakeholders can be quite a challenge for schools. However, GIS provides leadership, guidance and support to their stakeholders.

Academic excellence is the core of our offering and we prioritise it above everything else. We continue to analyse and assess our academic offering and take action to ensure that we excel in this area. Furthermore, GIS is owned by ADvTECH which is the biggest provider of private education in Africa and owns over 100 Schools in South Africa, Kenya and Botswana. This gives GIS access to the ADvTECH Central Academics Team (CAT) for academic support and a major advantage due to the ability to network and share ideas with other principals in ADvTECH in South Africa and Kenya.