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GIS commit to children safety


The safety of children in schools is a key fundamental entrenched in the Schools Code of Conduct. The main purpose of this Code of Conduct is to promote positive behavior through ongoing positive reinforcement by staff. The aim is for pupils to realise their full potential within a healthy, balanced, and safe environment.

Gaborone International School supports a partnership between students, teachers, and parents/guardians to fulfil these obligations and educate our students to be responsible citizens in a school community and society in general. The promotion and protection of a safe, disciplined, and inclusive learning environment is necessary for effective teaching and learning in the school.

The psychical school environment classrooms, bathroom, playground, and general areas should be safe and free of any dangerous objects that poses a risk to Students, Staff and Parents.

With the advent of the pandemic, stricter measures are in place to ensure the safety of all. No child, staff, parents, or visitors can enter the school without wearing a face mask. This protects the individual as well as others around them and to slow the spread of the disease. Social distancing, washing hands, regular cleaning or disinfecting frequently touched surfaces has not only become an order of the day, but a part of our lives.

Both teachers and parents still need to remain aware of the danger of the Virus and keep on reinforcing that taking simple daily precautions can help. Instead of visiting or having sleepovers, parents should always encourage virtual connection with friends and share safety precautions.
Stay safe adhere to protocols its saves lives.