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OPINION: Kanjabanga is not a BNF Member


On the 5th of May 2012 ,The BNF converged in Mahalapye for an extraordinary congress (Special congress).

The BNF was rocked by indiscipline and as such to bring order to the organization the delegates resolved to expel Gothatamang Kelapile,Lemogang Dingalo Ntime and Gabriel Ramoshi Kanjabanga from the BNF.(It’s a congress resolution).

Section 8 of the BNF Constitution stipulates that an expelled member may be readmitted back into the BNF with the approval of the BNF central committee in consultation with the ward committee .

This simply means that Mr Kanjabanga can apply to the ward committee who will then submit the application to the Central committee,the Central Committee will then refer the issue to the congress,I believe that BNF central committee has got no jurisdiction to deal with the issue,it’s only the congress that can review or rescind a decision/ resolution of the previous congresses ,the BNF Central committee has no powers to overturn a congress resolution (a resolution to expel Kanjabanga).The BNF Central committee only has the powers to set aside or review decisions of lower structures and not that of the highest decision making structure,the congress .

BNF constitution allows any BNF member to contest for Presidential elections as long as he /she is a citizen of Botswana and has been a BNF member for atleast 5 years, calls by attention seekers that Gabriel Kanjabanga be allowed to contest are irritating and nauseating,BNF is not a shebeen ,how do you allow a non member to contest for a position in the BNF,this thought is even foolish and must not be entertained.

These charlatans even allege that there is even a phobia of a contest /challenge,they are wrong,party procedures has to be followed,remember when Cde Boko became the President he contested against Kanjabanga who got less than 50 votes (I stand to be corrected). It’s worth noting that we (BNF)are not cowards,we are not scaredyof anyone including Kanjabanga,we are not even afraid of threats of litigation ,the BNF has always taken Kanjabanga head on many times and defeated him.

Kanjabanga must just follow procedure and we will deal with his application at the congress.